ENJET E78-320 Sublimation Printer

Printhead Quantity: 8

Printhead: Epson I3200-A1

Print Width: 3200mm

Print Colors: CMYK

Max.resolution (DPI) :360*1200DPI

Max speed CMYK: 1pass 420㎡/h

Ink Type: Pigment InkRIP Software: Maintop, Flexiprint

Téléphone Hotline:+86-21-33562681

1. Fully enclosed ink stack, more tightly sealed, long-lasting moisturizing, automatic cleaning, cleaner and easier printing.


2. 4.5L large-capacity ink cartridge, with four 500ml secondary float buffer ink cartridges; automatic alarm for main ink cartridge liquid level detection


3. Servo motor, 400W motor, large driving force, faster speed and more stable operation.


4. Anti-collision small frame: The position of the nozzle can be adjusted according to different printing consumables, and anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the nozzle.


5. Expansion-tight self-locking synchronous wheel structure ensures uniform stepping accuracy and smaller error


6. Inflatable shaft type rewinding and unwinding system: This rewinding and unwinding system supports 40 grams of paper and 1500 meters of full roll rewinding and unwinding, and supports a maximum roll diameter of 400mm. It has the characteristics of short operation time for inflation and deflation. The unique swing bar in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the rewinding is smooth and tight, avoiding loose rewinding.


ModelENJET E78-320
PrintheadType: EPSON I3200-A1 Nozzle Quantity: 3200

Print Speed

360*1200dpi 1pass 420m/h

360*2400dpi 2pass 210m/h

Ink TypeType: Sublimation Ink, Water-based Ink(Dye or Pigment),Color: CMYK
Print Width3200mm
Print MediaTransfer Paper
Material TransmitInflatable Roller Auto Feeding and Take-up Media System
DryerExtra Intelligent Fan Dryer
Moisture ModeFull Seal Auto Moisture and Cleaning
Rip SoftwareMaintop 6.0(standard equipped), Photoprint 19, Onyx 19, Neostampa
Image FormatJPG, TIFF. BMB PDF. etc.
Computer SystemWin7 64bits.Win10 64bits
Transmit PortGiga-bit Ethernet Port
Computer ConfigurationHard Disk: SOOG or more GPU: ATI Mobility Memory 4G Random AccessMemory: 8G CPU: i7 processor or above



Temp: 18°C-35°C, Humidity: 35%-65%


210-230V, 50/60HZ,16A
Machine: 1500W Dryer: Max 10800W
Machine Dimension5760*1450*1850mm
Packing Size5280*1180*1770mm

Machine size



Machine Size:5760*1450*1850mm

Package Size:5280*1180*1770mm

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