ENJET E74-190 Sublimation Printer

Printhead Quantity: 4

Printhead: Epson I3200-A1

Print Width: 1900mm

Print Colors: CMYK/CMYK+4 COLORS

Max.resolution (DPI) :3200DPI

Max speed CMYK: 2pass 180㎡/h

Ink Type: Sublimation Ink,Water Based Pigment Ink

RIP Software: Printfactory, Maintop, Flexiprint, Onyx, Neostampa

Горячая линия:+86-21-33562681

1.High-precision printing platform: The assembly accuracy of the machine printing platform is all controlled within plus or minus 7.5 wires, laying the foundation for high-precision and high-quality shipments.


2.Leisai brushless integrated motor: high-precision drive, linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable operation.



3.Two-level continuous ink supply system: continuous ink printing for a long time; four super-large-capacity ink cartridges, each ink tube independently supplies ink to a row of nozzle holes, ensuring the quality of high-speed output of large-area dense images.


4. The fluorine rubber press roller imported from the United States prevents static electricity and does not fly ink, and the printing size is more accurate; the unique lifting device for the press roller can deal with the phenomenon of partial paper swelling during the printing process at any time.

Japan THK silent linear guide rail, stable movement, longer life, can effectively reduce the resistance and noise of the ink car during high-speed movement.



5. Standard computer host, monitor, keyboard and mouse bracket, eliminating the cumbersome purchase of computer desks separately, and the workshop layout is more concise


ENJET E74-190
PrintheadEpson I3200-A1Nozzle Quantity


Printhead Quantity4
Print Width1900mm
Print ColorsCMYK/CMYK+4 COLORSPrint Height2-5mm
Max. resolution (DPI)


Media TransmitAuto Tension Taking-Up Meida Device
Max speed CMYK(1.9m printing width, 59feather)2pass
Drying MethodExtra Dryer Device

Speed*Tested on linear printing without feather function

180㎡/hInk Supply MethodSiphon Positive Pressure Ink Supply
3pass110㎡/hHead Moisture MethodAuto Head Cleaning and Moisturizing
4pass85㎡/hPrint MediaTransfer Paper
Bulk Tank Capacity4LMaterial TransmitInflatable Roller Auto Feeding and Take-upSystem
Ink TypeSublimation Ink,Water based Pigment InkTransmission InterfaceGigabit LAN
Max. Media Taking up (40g paper)1000mMax. Media Feeding(40g paper)1000m
Computer SystemWin7 64 Bit / Win10 64 BitFile FormsTIFF, JPG, EPS, PDF, etc.
Operate EnvironmentTemp.:15°C-30°Humidity:35°C-65°CRIp SoftwarePrintfactory, Maintop, Flexiprint, Onyx,Neostampa
Printer Size3180*110*1700mmGW(KGS)360
Package Size3370*860*1110mmPower Supply


Print Power: 1000W

Drver Power: Max.3500W

Computer ConfigurationHard Disk: NTFS, C Disk pace: More than 100G,HARD Disk: WG500G GPU: ATI Discrete GPU.Memory: 4G, CPU: Intel 15/17, G-Ethernet
Standard ConfigurationInk Level Alarm System

Machine size



Machine Size:3180*1100*1700mm

Package Size:3360*850*1110mm

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