ENJET i15-190 Sublimation Printer

Printhead Quantity: 15

Printhead: Epson I3200-A1

Print Width: 1900mm

Print Colors: CMYK/CMYK+2 COLORS

Max.resolution (DPI) :3200DPI

Max speed CMYK: 1pass 610㎡/h

Ink Type: Sublimation Ink, Water based Pigment InkRIP Software: Printfactory, Maintop, Flexiprint, Onyx, Neostampa

Горячая линия:+86-21-33562681

1. Adopt industrial-grade integrated appearance frame: the machine runs more stably.


2. The overall increase and width of the beam: the strength is higher, and the machine runs more smoothly.


3. Optimize the arrangement of the latest trolley bottom plate: while increasing the printing speed, the printing quality is further improved.


4. Encryption of the pressure wheel + damping mechanism of the front paper guide roller: make the stepping operation more stable, the paper feeding more accurate, and the printing accuracy higher.


5. The rear pendant is equipped with paper guide roller + paper guide roller texture encryption: it ensures the smooth operation of the paper during the printing process, makes the paper feed more smoothly, and thus improves the printing quality.


6. The whole machine is equipped with a 15-liter large-capacity continuous ink supply system as standard: it can print continuously for a long time to ensure the quality of the picture output.


7. Adopt integrated alarm three-color lights: intelligent screen display alarm record, real-time visual monitoring alarm, more intuitive and more convenient to operate.


8. Heat insulation board: more effectively guarantee the drying effect and prevent foreign matter from falling.


9. Containers can be placed in 2 rows: smaller footprint, greatly reducing transportation costs.


10. Pneumatic handle controls the lifting and lowering pressure roller: the operation is more convenient.


11. Servo motor + belt drive: high-precision drive linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable performance.


12. Integrated electric control box, one power plug: make customer wiring safer and more convenient.


13. New base: make the equipment run more stably. Optional 10,000-meter source paper base can realize direct printing on source paper with a diameter of<90CM


14. 15L waste ink barrel: the large-capacity design meets the storage requirements of more waste ink, more effectively protects the use of the printing machine, and makes the workshop more clean and tidy.

ENJET i5-190
PrintheadEpson I3200-A1Nozzle Quantity


Printhead Quantity


Print Width1900mm
Print ColorsCMYK/CMYK+2 COLORSPrint Height2-5mm
Max. resolution (DPI)3200DPIMedia TransmitAuto Media Feeding and Taking-up System, Roll to Roll
Max speed CMYK(1.9m printing width, 59 feather)1PASS610㎡/hDrying MethodExtra Dryer Device

Speed*Tested on linear printing without feather function

1PASS610㎡/hInk Supply MethodSiphon Positive Pressure Ink Supply
2pass300㎡/hHead Moisture MethodAuto Head Cleaning and Moisturizing

Print MediaTransfer Paper
Bulk Tank Capacity5L/15LMaterial TransmitInflatable Roller Auto Feeding and Take-up System
Ink TypeSublimation Ink,Water Based Pigment InkTransmission InterfaceGigabit LAN
Max. Media Taking up (40g paper)1500mMax. Media Feeding(40g paper)2000m
Computer SystemWin7 64 Bit / Win10 64 BitFile FormsTIFF, JPG, EPS, PDF, etc.
Operate EnvironmentTemp.: 15°C-30°CHumidity: 35C-65CRIP SoftwarePrintfactory, Maintop, Flexiprint, Onyx, Neostampa
Printer Size3725*1455*1810mmRIP Software1640
Package Size3940*1160*2160mmPower Supply


Print Power: 1500W

Dryer Power: Max9000W

Computer ConfigurationHard Disk: NTFS, C Disk Space: More than 100G, HARD Disk:WG500G GPU: ATI Discrete GPU,CpU: Intel i5/i7, Gigabit LAN
Standard ConfigurationInk Level Alarm System

Machine size



Machine Size:3757*1476*1962mm

Package Size:3920*1150*2110mm

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