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Sublimation Transfer In Thermal Transfer Process

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Publisher:站长  Views:
Release time:2023/02/03 10:24:24

When a solid is heated to a certain temperature, it becomes a liquid, and when a liquid is heated to a certain temperature, it becomes a gas. Then, when heated to a certain temperature and directly turned into a gas, the process is called thermal sublimation.

Sublimation transfer printing is currently applied to polyester fabrics or fabrics containing more than 80% polyester. Or on materials that can withstand temperatures above 210°C (a layer of sublimation coating needs to be applied to the surface of the material), there are common DIY mugs, DIY porcelain plates, and DIY photo frames, most of which are realized by thermal sublimation transfer.

Compared with the brother of the heat transfer process, heat transfer, the advantage of heat sublimation transfer printing is that 1. It will not change the texture of the clothes. Unlike heat transfer, it will feel gelatinous, like a layer of glue on the surface of the garment, but the ink penetrates directly into the fabric. 2. It is not easy to fade and has high color fastness. The disadvantage of sublimation is that it cannot be applied to pure cotton fabrics for the time being.

To use sublimation transfer for digital printing, you need a sublimation printer, sublimation ink, sublimation transfer digital paper, and a heat press transfer machine. There is a cold knowledge here, that is, can sublimation transfer be done with ordinary A4 paper? The answer is yes. Then someone will ask Xiaohua, what's the point of you specializing in the production of sublimation transfer digital paper? The use of ordinary A4 paper can indeed complete the sublimation transfer, but the transfer rate of the transferred pattern is low and the color difference is large. Therefore, it is still necessary to use special thermal sublimation transfer digital paper. A complete sublimation transfer process is, select the pattern - use the sublimation printer to mirror the pattern on the sublimation transfer digital paper - transfer the pattern on the transfer paper to the material with a heat press transfer machine .


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